How to be Happy and Re-Motivated after losing Smartphone?

You might find the title weird, as to how can somebody feel happy & re-motivated after losing something as indispensable as a smartphone. If I was asked a week back, I would have also thought the same. But as the common phrase says, “Where there is a will there is a way”.

How I lost my SmartPhone?

Last Sunday was a usual family visit to the nearby mall in an auto. Since monsoon had arrived, the purpose of the visit was to buy rain shoes. It was raining badly & we were carrying lots of bags. I entered the shoe shop & was looking at the racks when I suddenly realized that my handbag was missing. I had forgotten my handbag in a hurry in the auto. Panic struck across, we rushed outside the mall. We searched for the auto, couldn’t find it anywhere. Rushed back to our place thinking maybe the bag was forgotten at home itself. But not all maybes come true.

Tried calling my number with another cell, finally, someone picked up the phone at the other end. It was the auto rickshaw driver. He said the bag was left in the auto & that he will come and deliver it in 15 minutes. Hope grew that all is not lost. The 15 minutes turned to 1.5 hours. The smartphone had been switched off by then. The ultimate realization dawned upon me, one of my prized possessions – “My SmartPhone” was lost. I was highly upset by my forgetfulness & carelessness. I felt restless, unsettled & anxious. I was worried & felt that maybe this is how people feel a little bit in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), FOBO (Fear of Being Offline) & worse in Nomophobia. My thoughts were running wild.

What Followed?

After being assured by my family, felt much better. I decided to let bygones be bygones. Removed lost smartphone from an email account, signed out, changed passwords of accounts, blocked SIM. Made me understand the extent & worth of data which we use through our phone.

Skeptically went to the Police Station the next day, to register FIR. The initial response was stern but the process was quick and the police officers were courteous and were smiling towards the end. Made me perceive that the imaginary image of police from movies was stuck in my mind. They are also humans and that too with huge responsibility on their shoulders.

The Doings & Learnings:

  1. After that day, I have made it a habit of counting things in hand before leaving home & after getting down from any public transport.
  2. Smartphone has the title “Smart” but it does it does make us more dependent on technology. The incident made me realize that there are very few cell numbers I remember by heart. Have decided to reduce my reliance on Contact list & remember more phone numbers the way we used to earlier when usage of landline phones was more in fashion.
  3. The phone is after all just a device with a brightly lit screen in hand which helps to connect people virtually through calls, texts & social media. I realized the importance of connecting with real people- family & friends through talks in person. It brings back the missing personal touch & builds bonding.
  4. The break helped me in connecting more with myself, rethink, re-evaluate, recharge.
  5. Kids learn a lot by observing & tend to be a reflection of their parents. With the phone not being there in my hand, my kid too didn’t ask for the phone.
  6. Studies have shown that phones do affect our health. The re-iteration to myself that phones aren’t that good for health & by staying away I am doing my health a favor was a booster.
  7. Found time to do a lot more interesting things like listening to Music, reading printed books which I had bought long back, spending more time with family, cooking in the kitchen, organizing things at home, going for a walk, visiting the neighbor, planning a vacation.

The Results secured after losing Smartphone:

  1. Unplugging from technology & social media became a consequential reality for me but it helped me find my “Me” time which made me calmer & happier.
  2. It helped me unwind by giving myself a break from constant social engagement.
  3. To be in the moment became easier while focusing on reading a book and even while spending undivided time with family without the distraction of checking /answering the smartphone
  4. Losing the smartphone helped me in reducing my usage of cell, apps and find more time in doing other things I like which I wasn’t doing regularly

Next time if you lose your phone, don’t be upset. Try looking at it as an opportunity to improve your day & yourself just like the way I tried to do it. And become Happy & Re-Motivated again.

Have you lost your smartphone anytime? Tell us about your experience & your favorite ways of switching off from technology for good. Share it in the comments!

I am a dreamer, marketing enthusiast, home-maker who believes that everything & every day teaches us something. We just need to be ready to observe & learn from it. I like to share thoughts, short stories, experiences, observations, learnings, reviews by penning down through my blog. I am a Banker by profession with an educational background in Engineering & Financial Mangement. I like to read, draw, paint, watch movies, travel & try my hand at cooking.

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I too lost my phone few months back, I wish u could have written article by that time 😉

Shweta Gupta
Shweta Gupta

@ Shweta. …and the best part of the technology is also that you can port your contact and restore all your things as well as get the same mobile no. back.
For me , my mobile number is precious in way that it was gifted by my husband that too with a special hidden meaning behind those nos….😍
True that social life is getting shrinked due to this but on the another side makes you feel connected all the time…Happy blogging and all the best 👍


I have lost my phone 2 times . But, it has been long ago. Nice blog. Keep it up.


Hi Shweta, I think every normal creature handling this extremely valuable possession, would have gone through this situation. This is in behalf of my better half though. There are many different ways you can lose your Smart Phone. Someone donates their phones to Rikshaw wala ;), some people lose it by dropping one badly on the floor, some can just leave them in train, flight, some can drop it in water, rather soak in it as if it needs deep cleansing 😀 So how did we lose our phone The last type i mentioned above has happened in our case.… Read more »

Shweta Gupta
Shweta Gupta

Wow….that’s prodigious and mind boggling too…..bdw you can also be a good blogger …. interesting. Sharing a common incident which I will never forget … Just a month old sleek smartphone…. which was being handled like a new borne baby…. but what an unfortunate day when it fell down on a hard cementatious concrete surface and the screen got broken….that was the moment which kept me in shock for almost a week…… overcoming the situation also needs lot of motivation and consolations. Lesson learnt:🤔 Why gals always need to hold their mobile in ✋…even if they have the pockets available…..for… Read more »


Thanks Shweta Gupta… Shweta Shridhar has put such a real, sensible topic that i couldn’t resist myself from sharing our burnt heart experience 😛 with you all.

I can understand the pain of broken screen you described here.

Broken screen is more like a disaster as many times the phone is not totally dead but is half paralyzed which is more painful to see.
And then in deep guilt of almost losing phone we continue using same handset in punishment.

We have gone through this twice 😛 😛 …


I love the fact you turned something potentially negative into a positive situation and found the bright side. I think a lot of us are guilty of saying we “couldn’t live without our phones” so we should probably use this as a lesson and learn to not rely on them so much.


It’s crazy how much we rely on our phones and posts like this really illustrate that. Love these tips – it’s so important to get away from technology sometimes!

Nati x | | @curatedbynati

Mina Joshi

It’s amazing how dependent we are on the Smartphone. If it’s lost or even hasn’t got the battery charged – we feel lost and disconnected. But reading your article – I agree that we do spend too much time on the phone. Just walking from the Station to my Office – I could see that everyone was using their phone. We have lost the ability to enjoy nature or observe the World. It’s good to have a break from it sometimes but must be terrible to loose it as we store so much information on our phone.


well written, I believe if such things happens then they surely happening to teach you something. I have few incidents in my life. 1) My husband was doing most of his work in mobile. My daughter accidentally press some buttons and phone was reset. everything gone. all 3 years photos lost. I literally cried that day buy my husband was calm and dint say anything. But that day we both felt detachment is also something we should learn. 2) Again the same mobile my daughter throw on the surface and its touch screen wass gone. Finally we bought a new… Read more »

Mayuri Patel

An enjoyable and informative read Shweta. Life does come to a standstill especially since most of don’t have written phone numbers and addresses anymore. When I was in Bangalore for 4 years with my daughter she made me memorize her number. She herself has lost 2 both left in the taxi as she was in a hurry to catch a flight. My son in law forgot his in a taxi in Dubai and got it back! I try not to catch up on social media on Sundays, its a total rest day. A few weeks did not check on my… Read more »